6 Home Improvements That Pay Off

  • 10 months ago
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With the housing market poppin’, investing into your home is a good investment. Whether you are planning to stay or planning to sale, here are 6 home improvements that will pay off! Most of these improvements are somewhat easy to do yourself, though you want to make sure they are done right!

New paint makes your home feel and smell new and fresh! Make sure to pick a color you love – it is too much work if you don’t love it. Go to the store and get samples! Look online for names of popular paint colors that you are drawn towards. If your intent is to sale, neutral is best! Make sure to do your research and don’t skip any corners if you are doing it yourself. Prep in painting is half the work, take your time!


Curb appeal is huge! Fresh paint on the exterior, some healthy landscaping and a few beautiful flowerpots! Many homes are over planted, so you may need to de-clutter your yard. If you are planting new, make sure you read or ask an educated nursery worker for advice. Pick plants that are native to your area. Just fertilizing, watering and some TLC goes a long way!


Build a Deck or Pour a Patio

This is one you probably want to hire out, unless you are confident in your skills. Make sure you space is sufficient for they furniture you have. If you have a table on your patio, make sure it is the right size so you can walk around and it doesn’t feel cramped. Make sure to make your outdoor space comfortable, but don’t over do furniture or tons of extras. LESS IS MORE!

Upgrade Your Lighting and Hardware

This is a pretty simple upgrade, and if you are unsure hot to install – almost any handyman can get these things done in just a little time. This is a fun upgrade – it puts personality to your space. Try to stay consistent with your finishes, but don’t be scared to do some mix and match! Be careful to put hardware on straight. QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY! If you can’t afford to update the entire home’s lighting, just pick the larger spaces to buy new for. The other areas you can take down the fixtures and use some matching spray paint to upgrade until you want to spend the money.

Finish an Unfinished Basement

Adding square footage is one of the best ways to add value to your home. MAKE SURE TO DO IT RIGHT! Hire someone to draw up several ideas that would work specifically for your space. Make sure to work with anything that will change your ceiling heights, like central air chases, and make them blend and not stand out. Always try to keep your ceiling heights as tall as possible – basements can feel dungeon-ey. Pick lighter paint and have plenty of good lighting!

Stage Your Space with the Right Furniture

The right furniture can transform any space! Yes it can get pricey, but you can always take it with you! If you are selling, putting some money into matching window coverings, and the right size tables and couches can make a world of difference.

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