Before you put your house on the market, learn the top 3 things you must do, from cleaning to staging.

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Before you put your house on the market, learn the top 3 things you must do, from cleaning to staging.

As specialists in the residential real estate market, we help our customers appropriately price their homes and strategically prepare those homes for the market to attract buyers and offers. In this post, we share three home renovation ideas you can do. 

Home Renovations Mc Homes Real Estate
Before putting your house on the market : house renovations quick tips

1. Kitchen

Unless your agent believes you can recoup your money from the sale, don’t do a complete kitchen renovation.

Even if your kitchen isn’t a “dream kitchen”, you can do some minor repairs to make it more inviting. Changing the paint, lighting, and countertops can transform a room without spending a lot of money.

If you paint the kitchen, you want it to look professional and attractive. To help you achieve this, visit your local paint store and speak with a sales rep. The sales rep will be able to offer you a variety of specialist kits from trusted brands that will give you everything you need to paint your kitchen. 

By purchasing the Stain Wipe Cabinet Polish, you can revamp your kitchen without breaking a sweat. With a simple wipe, you can keep the wood gleaming. To prepare cabinets for applying stain, you should clean them with dish soap and water, then scrub them clean. 

It is important to change the lighting in the kitchen, especially if you do not have much natural lighting. By adding under-cabinet lights it’s a good way to save space while adding adequate lighting. 

2. Bathrooms

Bathrooms can take a lot of abuse. There are many cheap ways to make your bathroom look beautiful and add value to your home. Several inexpensive solutions can save you thousands of dollars on your bathroom renovation. Here are  our favorite budget-friendly ways to make your bathroom look beautiful. Consider changing the lighting, painting the wall, adding backsplash stick tiles, changing the rugs, replacing the toilet if needed, and ensuring the countertops are in good to excellent condition. 

In homes or condos built before 1984, you may have an inefficient toilet that is costing you money every time you flush. New toilets today offer significant water savings without sacrificing performance. As a result, the EPA ruled all new toilets must use only 1.6 gallons of water per flush as opposed to water-guzzling toilets that used about 3.5 gallons per flush.

3. lighting

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 Sellers are advised to make their homes bright and inviting to buyers. Use bright lights and wattage in the kitchen, living, dining and bedrooms. You can’t have too much light at an open house. But it is important to use a mix of white light as well as accent lighting to create a natural-appearing glow. 

To improve the value of your home, replace any broken light fixtures. During the listing period, replace any burnt out lightbulbs. With nothing to hide, the new buyer will see the house as bright and inviting, making it more appealing. By replacing burned-out bulbs, new buyers can tour the home safely without tripping over cords or bumping into unfinished walls. It will be worth it! Also, leave your shade open to let in natural light. If your curtain or shade is in poor condition, replace it with a neutral natural shade. In spite of the fact that some buyers do not like bold or dark colors, by following these steps, realtors and buyers will find your house appealing.

In the event that you are unsure of how to start your home renovations, you might want to consult a local realtor who can guide you on what exactly needs to be done in your home before going on to spend money on unnecessary renovations that won’t return your investment.  We have put together a list of ways to keep your house renovation budget low while you are renovating your condo or home. Please let us know if you would like a copy. 

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