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Why Choose Danbury for Your Next Home?

With a lively history and a wide array of fun activities, Danbury was appropriately named the #2 city in the United States to live in for the year of 2015. Originally settled in 1685, this historic town has seen it all and contributed a great deal to the American economy. Nostalgically known as the “Hat Capital of the World,” Danbury’s first hat shop was established in 1780 and for over 200 years, they manufactured the majority of hats sold throughout the USA. As you explore modern Danbury, you still find businesses paying homage to their roots. Even the local high school teams are affectionately dubbed the “Hatters.” Embracing all members of the community with love and care, Danbury also has schools for children with special needs. Boasting a cosmopolitan atmosphere, this western Connecticut town delivers an art scene, rich with variety and beauty. Check out the The Palace Danbury for theatrical performances or drop by The Art Spot to admire the magnificent work of local artists. For shopping excursions of the luxury variety, the Danbury Fair Mall provides vast opportunities to acquire new treasures from top retailers, as well as Northeastern artisans. When you desire world-class opera, Broadway theater, or an exciting nightlife, the bright lights and glittering skyline of NYC are only 45-minutes away! Variety is the spice of life and Danbury presents a wealth of possibilities for those seeking their slice of the American dream. When searching for homes in Danbury, CT for sale, you’ll also discover homes for sale on Candlewood Lake, homes for sale in Ridgefield, CT, and even chic condos for sale in Danbury, CT. Equipped with the right real estate agent, searching for houses for sale in Danbury, CT will be both easy and rewarding!


What advantages do I gain when hiring a real estate agent?

Every homebuyer brings a unique mix of desires, dreams, needs, and wishes when searching for their forever home. Real estate agents are intimately familiar with their local market and offer unique perspectives when aiding a buyer in purchasing a home. For example, clients with children may have a preferred school district, while retired couples may be desiring a quiet neighborhood with very little thru-traffic. Routinely exploring the local inventory of homes, agents have a clear idea of how each property compares to others. Armed with facts, figures, and data, the real estate agent is well-equipped to uphold their fiduciary duty and negotiate on behalf of the buyer’s interests. One of the greatest advantages of hiring a real estate agent is their extensive network of professional contacts. These include reliable and trusted home inspectors, title companies, contractors, bankers, and mortgage lenders. When purchasing one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, the expertise and long-established network of the real estate agent are invaluable assets.


Why Should I Become a Homeowner?

Security, Freedom, and Fun: From the sense of security gained from homeownership to the tax advantages, buying a property offers a multitude of benefits. After renting for several months or many years, the advantages of homeownership become very apparent. Imagine decorating your home with the colors you desire, the appliances you want, and the flooring you need. Even things like pet ownership become a reality with no restrictions on whether you can have that 85lb boxer mix or that 3rd adorable kitten! Awesome Tax Benefits: Receiving preferential tax treatment is also desirable since capital gains taxes are lower than income taxes. The majority of taxpayers will spend between 15-20% on capital gains taxes, instead of the majority income tax rate of 22%. After two years of living in your home, you can exclude $250,000 (single) or $500,000 (married couples) of profit when or if you decide to sell it. In other words, you can live in your home for 2 years, make a $250,000 profit, and enjoy the benefits of not paying taxes on the profitable sum (subject to limitations). Build Equity Like a Boss: Paying monthly mortgage dues contributes a certain amount every month to your principal balance, thus reducing your debt load and increasing your equity. After years of paying your mortgage and building equity, you can take advantage of equity loans for reducing consumer debt/credit card debt!


How Do I Get Started and What Types of Loans are Available?

Get started off on the right foot and choose an excellent and trusted real estate agent. They will help you find your dream home within budget and can also connect you to a reliable mortgage broker. While your real estate agent will assist you with sorting through the dozens of available homes, your mortgage broker will help you determine the amount you qualify for and assist in securing a loan and getting a mortgage. Some common options are conventional fixed-rate mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, floating-rate mortgages, or VA Vendee loans. Depending on your personal finances, debt, and income, the best loan type will be determined. In the event you have a low credit score, getting a mortgage with bad credit may still be a real possibility. Highly skilled mortgage brokers may also assist in getting low mortgage rates for a rental property, a mortgage for an investment property, or a mortgage for a rental property. With a superb real estate agent and a stellar mortgage broker, you’ll be equipped with knowledge and be on your way to home ownership in no time!

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Mirna is a dedicated real estate professional. If you are looking for an honest, focused and reliable realtor, Mirna is who you are looking for. We had long and challenging closing with our most recent home purchase, however, Mirna was committed to our needs and us kept us well informed during our home purchase. She knows her territory, she has great relationships with her fellow realtors, but she will work extremely hard for you! And we loved her personality! We could not have had a better realtor than Mirna!


We're committed to making this process as stress-free as possible.

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