Easy Ideas to SAVE Money

  • 10 months ago
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Seems like most all people are usually trying to accomplish this. Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or you have a small buffer, there is always they want to or need to save money. Here are five easy ways to put away some extra cash.

Get Cash

Most all have heard about Dean Ramsey. Getting cash weekly or bi-weekly Does help keep spending in check. We pay our bills online and then take cash for the rest of our budget. This includes fuel, groceries, clothing, eating out, coffee money, and anything else. We also make sure when we’re paying our bills to pay ourselves and put money into our savings. Sometimes we need a few extra bucks cash by the end of the week, but it always keeps you in check with spending.

Don’t Tempt Yourself

Make sure to allow in your budget a coffee trip in your week if you enjoy coffee. You don’t have to do with out, just limit the amount of money you spend on it. If I am out of money and the kids need jeans, I’m sure it will wait until the next week when I have cash in my pocket. If there is any emergency that comes up we sway, but for the most part even a good deal can wait.

Freeze Your Credit Cards

When I say freeze I literally mean freeze your credit cards. Put them in a cup and fill it with water and stick them in your freezer. If they are not in your pocket it is easier to avoid. If there is an emergency they are there! The idea of freezing them means that you have to intentionally unthaw your card and make sure it is necessity.

Evaluate Monthly Bills

This is probably one of my least favorite things to do, but I am always glad that I took the time to do it. About one time a year I go through all of our monthly bills and make calls to make sure we are getting the best deal. I can usually save money on cell phone, TV, insurances. Sometimes it is even worth it to shop around for a better interest rate on a credit card or loan.

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