Mortgages for residential and commercial properties

If you are buying an investment property, we can help you get a fixed rate under five percent with a good credit rating.
We will connect you with the right lender if you need a residential mortgage.

Commercial loans require substantial down payments as well as proof of collateral and creditworthiness. Some lenders only offer financing for certain types of businesses or real estate, depending on the loan source. 
A loan’s amount can also affect interest rate caps, balloon payments, prepayment penalties, and origination fees. Loans for commercial purposes are typically long-term investments and require a longer commitment than personal loans.
We can assist you with finding a suitable lender that meets both your and the lender’s needs if you have been denied a commercial loan from your local bank. We have extensive experience in helping businesses secure financing solutions. 
We process the following loans at competitive rates with no hidden fees:
  • Rehab ready to fix and flip a single family home
  • Portfolio loans for rental properties
  • Loan for a mixed-use property
  • Loans to multifamily properties
  • Loans for commercial buildings
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