Mortgages for residential and commercial properties

If you are buying an investment property, we can help you get a fixed rate under five percent with a good credit rating.

We will connect you with the right lender if you need a residential mortgage.

It can be a major commitment for a small business to set up a new facility (a store, an office, or a warehouse, for example), or to expand an existing one, one that is usually financed by a commercial loan. These kinds of loans - which in some ways are similar to residential mortgages for business properties - are subject to several factors, which vary according to the loan source. Give MC Homes Real Estate a call to discuss your commercial lending needs if you have been denied by your local bank.

We process the following loans at  competitive rates with no hidden fees:

Rehab ready to fix and flip a single family home

Portfolio loans for rental properties

Loan for a mixed-use property

Loans to multifamily properties

Loans for commercial buildings

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