Quick Tips to Help You Get Settled in Danbury

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If you’re moving to the Danbury area, you’ve probably already heard that, despite the high cost of living, it’s one of the best cities in the state. There are plenty of jobs, lots of green spaces, and friendly folks here in Fairfield County. Today’s tips can help you get settled into your new hometown.


  • Find a realtor. Anytime you’re moving to a new state (or even a new city) your realtor can serve as your friend, guide, and mentor as you get settled in. Your agent can not only help you find a home that you can afford in a neighborhood that you love, but they can also point you in the right direction if you’re moving with a family and need access to the best local schools, hospitals, or recreational opportunities.

  • Open your business. If you’re moving to capitalize on income opportunities, start planning early. The Department of Revenue Services offers lots of great information on getting started, including how to register your business and obtain tax clearance. Another smart move early on is to draft your business plan. Ideally, you can begin this before you move, as your business plan will serve as your business roadmap to outline everything from your future financial projections to your business structure. A well-drafted business plan can even help you get investors in your new hometown. It will accurately define your company and offer potential partners a glimpse into your daily operations.

  • Register for school. Are you moving with kids? You must register them for school. The Danbury Local School District offers online registration. However, you will need several documents to complete the process. These include your student’s birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residency, and, if applicable, custody papers.

  • Get to know the neighbors. Your neighbors are no doubt ready to welcome you to your new home. Get to know them by visiting places the locals frequent, such as Four Seasons Mediterranean, Tarrywile Park, and Prime Pub Danbury. If you’ve moved into a neighborhood, look for it on social media, where you can also join mom and professional networking groups.

  • If you’ve already moved in, chances are good that you have the essentials out of their boxes. But, according to UPack, the unpacking process can actually take six months or more. Do yourself a favor and unpack all of your boxes now. This will keep you from the stress of walking by cardboard stacked up in the corner every time you move to and from the garage or attic.

  • Take a tour. When you really want to get to know your new hometown, take a tour of one of the many points of interest. The Danbury Museum and Historical Society, Charles Ives Birthplace Museum, and Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center (in Ridgefield) are all great places for info and insight into the history of Danbury. You can even do a walking tour of downtown, which DailyVoice asserts is a great way to discover your new favorite places.

We are so glad that you’ve decided to make our town your new home. Get yourself settled by first partnering with the right real estate agency and getting your business up and running. Then, don’t forget to get the kids registered for school. Finally, make the most of your new surroundings by getting a bite to eat with the locals and taking a tour to find out more information on the events, people, and landscapes that make Danbury so unique and special.

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